Why sometimes gel polish can’t be fully dried by nail lamp?

  Usually we might meet the situation when gel polish is not well cured and wrinkle on the surface of nail, so we will probably question the performance of nail dryer lamp. In fact, nail lamp function and design is mainly related with curing effects, but also the means of curing gel or painting gels will also greatly affect it.

  Sometimes if adhesives are painted excessively or heavily, it will make gel not fully dried and also lead to gel wrinkling. Generally we need to evenly paint one thin layer of adhesives or base gel, and it is best to uniformly let them cover on the nail surface.  

 Needless to say, it has direct relations with nail lamp whether the gel polish can be fully cured or not. Like some old-fashioned nail lamp with U-type bulbs design, theyre similar to some energy-saving bulbs and cure gel polish by means of heat emitted by bulbs. Thus bulbs will become aging after certain time , and that make bulb light lack of intensity and heat. In that case, within limited time, the curing effect will not be good by means of some old nail dryer lamp. Therefore,the best solution is to use one good-quality and advanced sunlight uv led nail lamp, its more safe and healthy, and it has better curing speed and effect.

  Another important factor affecting gel curing is too short curing time, which lead to incomplete curing of nail surface. If curing effect need to be beautiful, curing time by nail lamp is required. If the quality, power rate and design of nail lamp dont meet the requirement, we might feel unpleasant experience of nail curing. If time is too short, gel polish cant be cured, but if curing for long time, hands will easily become black and feel hurt. The best way is to use nail lamp with led bulbs and make sure every curing under 30s~60s.

  In addition, it is also very important for curing effect whether design of nail lamp is enough humanized. If the light didnt exactly point to nail surface or any curing dead angle . Sometimes Especially the thumb and little finger are not cure at all or not fully cured. So we need to put hand straight in the nail lamp in the process of curing. We had better select arch design nail lamp that fits hand shape. Usually our arch nail lamp adopted inner fill-in led technology and led bulbs are placed in the right place which need to be cured according to the features of nail painting. This move will help gather light source , and it will contribute to targeted nail curing . So any nail finger wont be missed, especially for the thumb and little finger. For another aspect, this kind of nail lamp is target to nail curing and will not light on all hand. Therefore, it will not lead to hand hurting or blacken. More importantly, it is much energy-saving, healthy, eco-friendly and safe by means of sunlight technology. 

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