Do you know the difference of UV nail lamp and UV/LED dual light source nail lamp?

When mentioning cosmetology or hairdressing, many people will always think of facial skin care or hair care, and they always easily neglect hand care , especially nail care, which is equally important for us and need our attention for care. 
As one famous saying puts,"hand is the second face of woman", so the fragile nails need our more care and attention.

Regarding nail painting, many people may only know painting one layer of gel polish and then curing under nail lamp for a while, but as professional nail lamp manufacturer, we need to share some knowledge about nail art painting, so that you will have better understanding of nail beauty.
In the earlier time, most lamps used for nail are uv lamp. In recent several years,new arising UV LED Nail Lamp has been widely welcomed for its unique advantages. People surely have different opinions on uv lamp and UV LED Nail Lamp, but which is finally better choice for nail curing?

1.Which is more comfortable?
Ordinary uv nail lamp tube will emit heat and temperature is generally up to 50 degree, so the hand is easily burned if it touchs the tube carelessly, and the hands are easily blackened under uv nail lamp for long time.However, uv led lamp is cold light source without any burning feeling. Even if you touch the lamp by hand, you will not feel any buring. In addition, white light will not blacken hand.So UV LED Nail Lamp is better than uv lamp in terms of comfort.

2. Which is safer?
The wavelength of ordinary uv lamp is 365nm, it belongs to UVA, it will cause skin damage after long-time exposure to UVA, and it will also cause damage to eyes. Futermore, this kind of damage is accumulating and irreversable .Many women might have discover their hands suffer from blackening and drying after curing many times by uv lamp.But UV LED Nail Lamp emits visible light which is same as sunlight and ordinary illumination light. It doesn’t have any harm to human eye or skin and doesn’t blacken hands ,either.  Therefore, from the angle of safety, uv led lamp has better protection function than uv lamp, and thus definitely UV LED Nail Lamp is superior than uv lamp considering about safety issue. 

3.Which is more all-around?
 UV lamp can cure all brands of uv or led gel polish, but UV LED Nail Lamp can cure all build gel, uv led gel, and it can be more widely used for curing. So from the all-around aspect, uv led nail is better.

4.Which has faster curing speed?
  Because UV LED Nail Lamp can emit longer wavelength than uv lamp. Drying the led gel completely generally need about 30s by UV LED Nail Lamp, but ordinary uv lamp  need about 3 minutes to fully dry led gel. So in terms of gel curing speed, UV LED Nail Lamp is 4 to 6 times faster than uv lamp. 

  In conclusion, our UV LED Nail Lamp adopted new latest led technology, actually it realized combination of uv and led by means of led, no doubt uv+led nail lamp is better nail curing lamp for your safety and comfort.  
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