What’s the main advantages of uv led technology nail lamp?

Currently UV LED technology nail lamp is more and more welcomed in market for gel curing, and you can see almost all nail technicians are using uv led nail lamp for curing in the street

but do you know why it is uv led nail lamp has become main nail curing equipment?

We think there are several unique advantages which uv led nail lamp have.  

1, uv led lamp gather light by means of focusing mirror and deliver light in one-way straight line, so it can accurately let light shine on every piece of nail, it can effectively raise the curing efficiency.

2, its led bulbs has longer working life than other ccfl or uv lamps.Usually uv led lamp bulbs can be used up to 50000 hours, so we never need to worry about spending time in buying new bulb and replacing.

3, When curing under uv lamp, we might feel a strong sense of burning, because it has heat radiation, but uv led nail lamp will not let you feel temperature rising in the process of curing. It has no heat radiation, so it goes without saying , we can enjoy a more pleasant experience of nail curing by using uv led nail lamp.

4, Since the light emitted by uv led nail is similar to visible light, and the band width of its wave length is narrow . More importantly ,it doesnt have ultraviolet ray, so it will be more healthy for human eyes or skin.

5, The led combined 365nm and 395nm wave length , so it can meet the demand for curing all kinds of uv gel or led gel.

6, Uv led nail lamp emit high-purity and high-efficient light, and its curing speed is very quick, usually up to 20~30s. No doubt it can cure gel polish much faster and more efficient than other uv or ccfl lamps. 

48w uv led nail lamp

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