360 Degree adjustable LED Table Lamp

Number of LEDs:70 pcs
Nominal power:16 W
Luminous flux:610 lm
Colour temperature:3000K - 5500 K
Colour rendering index (CRI):80
Dimensions in 1H base:240 H foot 510L head 650
Unit Weight:1000g

 Perfect used for your nail studio, at your workplace, on any table, in the bedroom or at school
- Very bright and uniform illumination (no tired eyes, relaxed working)
- 2 Touch Switch (Dimer/Colour Variator)  
- 5-stage brightness Dimmer for your best preferences
- Perfect light Color variator: Cold white & Warm white  for all areas 
- Multidimensional 3-axis adjustment
- 360-degree all-round adjustable LED torch
- Frame made of high-quality aluminium
- Clip-on base design for easy use on diffetent tables